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This is hands down the best skin care product I have ever tried. My counter is full of so many high-end products I don't even use anymore. I'm on my 4th bottle and only wish they came in bigger sizes because I can't get enough. It's super silky texture, non-greasy, moisturizing, and skin plumping. This is seriously liquid gold. 

Wardah M.

I replaced my old products with a combination of the Super Mushroom Serum and a Vit C serum. After one month, my skin has improved immensely, from the texture and tone to the plumpness and volume. I find myself constantly looking at myself in the mirror; I'm that impressed.

Cristie S.

I'm 33 years old and my skin is more radiant and healthy-looking since I started using it. It smells great too. What I’m really blown away by is how cooling it is in the summer months when my face gets super red. Just a small amount seems to last me a long way.  I absolutely love it!

Jen L.

I very quickly became obsessed with how hydrated, even and brighter my skin by using the mushroom super serum! My skin now glows and as someone who always had dull skin I didn’t think it was possible...I’ve tried it all! I only use a little bit morning and night and it goes a long way. Love how it leaves my skin feeling! 

Azka M.

I thought it would simply be just “another“ skin care product, but I was so wrong! As soon as I used it I could feel the difference. My skin felt full, lush and more youthful. I was at the liquor store the next day and they asked for ID, and oddly enough it happened again the following week...I’m 38! I highly recommend it!

Dan L.

What an amazing product! Since I've started using this product I've had so many people comment that my skin looks radiant and ask me what I'm doing differently. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to improve the tone of their skin and lock in moisture!

Alexandrena L.

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Mushroom Super Serum

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Connection to Self

We are committed to your growth. Through the rituals of self-care and self-actualization we help bring your mind, body and soul into alignment with its highest state.

Connection to Others

We are committed to improving your relationships. Through a focus on compassion and community building, we  strengthen the relationships with the people around you.

Connection to Nature

We are committed to improving your environment. Through education and conscious partnerships, we focus on sustainability and re-forestation efforts.


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